Monday, April 8, 2013

Richie's Indoor Football League

All of Richie's games are at the UofU indoor football arena in Salt Lake.

They started practicing in February.  They had to shovel the snow off the grass to get an area big enough to practice on.  That's dedication!

Richie's team.  Richie is #91.

Unleash the Beasts!!!

Chillin'...watching the game....and picking his nose.

Richie's on the far right, #91

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Break with the Roberts Family

For Spring Break, we had a "stay-cation"  with our best friends family.  We stayed at a hotel in Salt Lake that had a GREAT indoor water park and slide.  The kids had such a blast!!! 

At the Children's Museum at the Gateway in Salt Lake:

The next day we went to The Leonardo Museum in Salt Lake and saw the Mummies Exhibit.  It was A-MAY-ZING to see!!  But unfortunately we were not allowed to take any pictures of the mummies.

BFF's Tami and Terra